January 17, 2015

January 3rd I participated in the Longest Variety Show Ever in New York City in a group attempt to break the Guinness Book Record. Dynamic show. Cool certificates. Official T-shirts. My spot was at 2:30am, but people--real people--were still listening, although a few of them may have been zombies. 

I was featured on Lifetime's Big Women: Big Love on January 7th. I did not find big love on the show. I did however share cupcakes with a very big girl-- or to be accurate, watched her eat most of the box. They cut out most of the best parts, such as my on-camera interviews and her inability to catch the Frisbee I tossed to her--but what else is new? You can watch the episode here.

On January 19th, I'll be featured on National Geographic's Brain Games. I appeared on the show with a bunch of comedic buddies who faced off against mechanical engineers who built rockets at N.A.S.A. Find out who won the challenge. I know...the suspense is killing you. See preview here and tune in on Monday.

October 13, 2014: Check me out on TV this week! 

 •10/16, 9pm and 11pm: Monsters Inside Me: My Daughter's Going Crazy, on Animal Planet.

•10/18, 10pm: Scorned: Love Kills: Sex On The Beach, on Investigation Discovery.

October 1, 2014: Hey guys...check me out on the reality tv show Extreme Cheapskates Guide to Love Ep. 1.

September 1 2014: I appeared this week on the Travel Channel's Monumental Mysteries. Check it out here.

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