9/3/19--New interview by Nina Soden available here
828/19--Fantastic new review of "Feast of Sapphires" just published on P.D. Dawson's site.
8/13/19--I was just interviewed by Author's Interviews and Awesome Book Promotion!
7/31/19--New York's Best Emerging Poets 2019 includes a poem from "Feast of Sapphires"! 
7/28/19--Fantastic new review of "Feast of Sapphires" at Jessica Belmont's blog.
7/22/19--ATSP publishes my article "Why Writing Poetry Is Valuable."

7/1/19--Evening Street Press Vol 21 is available and includes my poem "Down For the Count."
6/17/19--New interview about writing with Bookpleasures's Norm Goldman.
6/10/19--Write To Done has just posted my article "Is Outlining The Last Refuge of A Bad Writer?"

6/8/19--Great review of "Feast of Sapphires" from Matt McAvoy!
6/5/19--My second poetry collection, "Feast of Sapphires" is officially available at Amazon! 

5/29/19--The East Bay Review has posted my poem "Earth Day"! 
5/10/19--My upcoming poetry collection "Feast of Sapphires" hit #12 on Amazon's poetry bestseller list!
4/15/19--I'll be a featured reader at the Secret Loft reading on April 25th!
4/7/19--Reader's Favorite just posted a fantastic review of "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight!"
2/27/19--FishFood Magazine has published my poem "How You Like My Facade." Read it here!

2/25/19--I was a guest on the He Said What Podcast--Playing It Cool With Matt Nagin. 
2/10/19--The Charles Carter has published "Wondrous Admonition" my poem about the dangers of social media from "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight."
1/20/19--More poetry publications to share with you! "End of Romance" has been published at Oxford Magazine, and Clockwise Cat has published "Stranger In Your Own Home" and "Adjunct"! 
1/8/19--Toaster In The Bath Comedy Show returns to the Broadway Comedy Club on Feb 1, 2019! Advance tickets are discounted and can be purchased here!
1/4/19--New publications for the new year! Fear of Monkeys has published my short story "Song of Doom" and The Hungry Chimera has published my poems "After The Elephants Roam In Your Soup" and "Anticipation"! 
12/11/18--The Satirist has just published my Misanthropic Guide To The Holidays! My warmest wishes to you and yours!
11/24/18--I spent a terrifying night alone in an isolated house in the woods and wrote the poem "Weekend Getaway." It's been included in Torrid Literature Journal, vol XXII, available here
11/11/18--Mark your calendars! On December 17th I'm going to be on Crime Report with Pat Dixon--a one of a kind comedy podcast about criminal and court activity in New York City. Tune in here.
11/6/18--Toaster In The Bath Comedy Show was an incredible success--we sold out!!! The plan is to continue to refine the Toaster In The Bath Experience and bring it to you on a more regular basis--be prepared to be electrified! 
10/15/18--I'm producing a comedy show with Mike Kramer: Toaster In The Bath -- A Comedy Show. November 2, 10 pm at Broadway Comedy Club. More info and tickets available here
9/24/18--The Nice International Film Festival has posted the interview I did with them this spring. Watch it here
9/14/18--In Recovery Magazine has published "Tough Luck" a short story I wrote about a compulsive gambler. Read it here
8/29/18--My poem "If We Are Doomed" won the 2018 Spirit First Editor's Choice Award. Read it here.
8/16/18--I just did an interview with Gary Levitt on The Gary Hour Podcast. Listen here.
7/3/18--I'll be featuring for Kevin Farley at Broadway Comedy Club on August 2nd in New York City. More here.
6/19/18--My latest parody of politically correct culture "Insensitivity Training at Dunkin' Donuts" has been published at Robot Butt--read it here!
5/29/18--Thrilled to have performed five comedy shows in three countries--France, Sweden, and Denmark! The clubs I performed at include Cafe Oscar, Cafe Bartof, Big Ben Comedy Club, Power Comedy Club, and The Stockholm Comedy Club. Was a great experience! Hope to return to these areas again!
514/18--"Inside Job" won Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film at the Nice International Film Festival! The buzz about the film was so great they screened it twice!
4/30/18--My interview with the Riviera Insider is now available here. Note that my European mini-tour will include a set at Cafe Bartof in Copenhagen on May 15th! Check my calendar for the all the details on my gigs abroad in May. 
4/17/18--I'm thrilled to announce I'll be doing my first stand up performance in Paris, France on May 3rd 2018 at The New York Comedy Night in Paris! If you're in the area please stop by Cafe Oscar at 10 pm to cheer me on! 

414/18--Recent television appearances include the miniseries "Horror at the Cecile Hotel" and an episode of "Homicide City." 
4/4/18--My recent Celebrity Interview has been published by Titan Inkorp--read it here!
3/22/18--Exciting News! "Inside Job" has been nominated for three awards, including Best Short Comedy, at the Nice International Film Festival! It will be screening on May 6 2018 in Nice, France. 
 2/9/18--The Wire's Dream publishes my interview on writing.
1/14/18--"Butterflies Lost within the Crooked Moonlight" is part of the Poet's House Showcase.
12/31/17--The Wire's Dream 3rd Collection includes my poem "Hermit on the Subway."
!2/22/17--Quail Bell Magazine has published my new poem, "If We Are Doomed."
11/25/17--I now have an official writer's page on Facebook. Check it out here.

11/19/17--Katie Lewington at Flying Through The Pages reviewed "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" calling it "a must read."

10/19/17--"Inside Job" was screened and nominated for Best Feature at the International Film Festival, Manhattan. Louis Cecile gave "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" four stars, writing "such bravado...works well."

10/24/17--Kirkus Review calls me "a writer of great talent!" Read the full review of "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" here.
 9/12/17--"Inside Job" is an official selection of the International Film Festival Manhattan and will screen in late October in New York City.
9/6/17--Watch me on TV: "Street Justice: The Bronx" will air on September 26 on the Discovery Channel.
9/3/17--"Inside Job" wins Finalist Award at the 2nd Annual Cinema New York City Film Festival.
8/15/17--My short, dark comedy "Inside Job" will be at it's third festival on September 2nd at the Producer's Club, screening at 6pm, as part of the Cinema New York City film festival. Get your tickets here!

8/1/17--The film "Bottomfeeders" screened at Anthology film Archives as part of the New Filmmakers Series. It's a documentary I appeared in about the Staten Island Comedy Show on Public Access, and the premiere screening was incredibly well attended.

7/12/17--The short film "Hungry For Love" which I had a role in, is up on Vimeo. Watch here!

7/10/17--My book of short humorous pieces is now available at Amazon.

6/25/17--I was interviewed on The Dean Andrews Podcast, episode 58. Listen here and download for free at iTunes. 

5/30/17--My first poetry book "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" is now available on Amazon. Pick up a copy here.

4/21/17--Great news! "Inside Job" is an OFFICIAL SELECTION at THE HOBOKEN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL! The screening is on May 21st at 12pm at Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park in Greenwood Lake, NY. Tickets available here. We will be offering a complimentary shuttle to the screening. Contact me for more info. 

4/15/17--Matt Nagin and Harmon Leon will be performing Edinburgh Previews on May 6 at 10:30pm at The Pit Underground. This is your chance to see me to 40 minutes of new material from a brand-new show called NAGIN PLEASE! Get tickets here.

12/26/16--"Inside Job" got it's first review! Bill Garry of Discover Hollywood has described our film as "'The Wolf of Wall Street' on crack" as well as pointing out that it "skewered American Values." He also suggested the film is "a dynamic showcase" with "good comic timing," "good direction and production values," and "first rate lighting, sound, and special effects for an indie." You can read the full review here

11/30/16--Our Short Film "Inside Job" was screened at the
Mediterranean Film Festival on November 25th at Cinema Les Arcades in France, and I'm thrilled to say it won the aware for Best Short Film!

11/18/16--I was on the Wendy Williams Show this week and got to play Hot Topics for Cash with her! Did I win? Watch and find out...

7/30/16--The Private Screening of "Inside Job" at Anthology Film Archives on June 4th was a great experience! For a summary of what went down see this video.


Here Are Interviews with Some Of The Cast of "Inside Job"


If you haven’t checked into the film yet, please do. It’s heading towards the festival circuit this year!






10/20/15--"Coincidental Killer" is going to be featured at this year's Pocono Mountain Film Festival on October 23rd and 24th 2015.
"The Haunting of Eric Dickerson" will be shown on Lifetime Movie Network on Saturday, December 3rd, at 9pm EST. I play the ghost that haunts him.
10/16/15--The feature film "Off The Loop" that I was lead in was featured recently at the Michigan International Film Festival. My interview from the press kit is here.
The short horror film "Okrasend," in which I played Titus, was accepted into the Los Angeles CineFest and ROMA CinemaDOC in Italy, plus it won the Best Shorts Competition Award of Recognition.
2/7/15--I was featured on Lifetime's Big Women: Big Love. I did not find big love on the show. I did however share cupcakes with a very big girl-- or to be accurate, watched her eat most of the box. They cut out most of the best parts, such as my on-camera interviews and her inability to catch the Frisbee I tossed to her--but what else is new? You can watch the episode here.
1/19/15--I was featured on National Geographic's Brain Games. I appeared on the show with a bunch of comedic buddies who faced off against mechanical engineers who built rockets at N.A.S.A. Find out who won  the challenge. I know...the suspense is killing you. See preview here and tune in on Monday.
1/3/15--I participated in the Longest Variety Show Ever in New York City in a group attempt to break the Guinness Book Record. Dynamic show. Cool certificates. Official T-shirts. My spot was at 2:30am, but people--real people--were still listening, although a few of them may have been zombies. 

10/16/14--9pm and 11pm: Monsters Inside Me: My Daughter's Going Crazy, on Animal Planet.

10/18/14--10pm: Scorned: Love Kills: Sex On The Beach, on Investigation Discovery.

10/1/14--Hey guys...check me out on the reality tv show Extreme Cheapskates Guide to Love Ep. 1.
9/1/14--I appeared this week on the Travel Channel's Monumental Mysteries. Check it out here.
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