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Eliza Gale's Interviews:
Matt Nagin, December 2013

Woolly Mammoth Panic Attack Q&A,  July 2013

Policy Mic:
Policy Mic Pundit Is Taking Comedy Festival Stages By Storm, July 2013 

Matt Nagin’s Panic Attack, Spring 2013

Bad Slava: 
Stand-Up Comedy 101, June 2009


Richard Propes of The Independent Critic called "Inside Job" "weirdly wonderful" and more! Read the full review here

Bill Garry of Discover Hollywood Magazine reviewed the short film that I wrote and directed, "Inside Job," calling it "'The Wolf off Wall Street' on crack." Read the full review here.

Kirk Fernwood of One Film Fan called "Inside Job" "freakily engaging." Read the full review here.
Alexis Yoo of called Woolly Mammoth Panic Attack "uproarious...a stellar success." 
Read the full review here.

Lee Levitt of The Jewish Chronicle UK gave the show four stars and called it "brilliantly irreverent" and "sublimely funny."

Read the full review below: 

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